One of my previous roles was organising a professional organiser so it's one of my natural skills. If you can never get everything done, or you always feel like your work is chaotic, I might be able to help you.

For those areas of your business that don't flow seamlessly, I can help create systems that fit with your natural tendencies towards organisation.

Sometimes you need another set of eyes to highlight where the obstacles are, and a sounding board to determine the best way to clear them.

Here's a snapshot of some different organising services I've provided:

  • Create personalised systems and processes for your business that work with your habits (with or without digital tools)
  • Analyse existing processes for areas of improvement
  • On-site organising in your office (filing structures, creating a place for everything)
  • Time management and calendar management
  • Email management strategies
  • Find digital tools that make your job easier
    • CRM Selection and Setup (Capsule, Insightly, One Page - or one that suits your needs)
    • Set up a time tracking and invoicing system (Freshbooks and Harvest are two that I recommend)
    • Project and task management systems (Asana is what I use)

*Yes, some of these are affiliate links but I certainly still recommend systems that don't give me any commission as it's all based on your needs.