Onboarding: First Things First

I'm stoked that you're interested in working with me! Because what I do for clients can range a wide span of tasks and projects, I like to cover off some basics about how I operate and what you can expect from me. This way if you decide to go forward, you'll have some sense of how we will work together.


The clients I enjoy working with most are positive people with an open mind. They don't constantly put up roadblocks or focus on the negative. (I know we all have bad days so I'm just talking about your general state of mind and approach.)

I am here to listen, offer suggestions, bring up new perspectives, introduce new tools & ideas and create content based on your brand and voice. I'm not here to make major business decisions for you, I'm not a counselor and I'm not a long-term business partner. What I'm saying is that of course I'm here to help but ultimately it's your business so you need to take charge of it.

If I have given you a quote for your tasks, please be aware this is an estimate only. My charges will be based on actual time taken to complete the work. I know this sounds kind of unfair if I have given you a price but I can't account for extra time it might take to get the work going, or the changes in direction that occur or the unforeseen bits that often come up when we're navigating new territory. When I can predict it, I will let you know if a requested change will have a major impact on the time. I'm definitely not going to rip you off and I will keep you informed on time spent at your request.

I don't generally accept last-minute work. My projects and workdays are often planned in advance so if I put off those tasks to bump your last minute request ahead, it can throw off the schedule for other projects. I will always try my best to accommodate requests that might be on a close deadline but it's not the norm so please don't enter this relationship thinking you can send me an email and see it done within the hour or by the next day.

Once we've started your project or website, any changes to what we're setting up come at an additional cost. Please keep this in mind when you are making multiple requests for adjustments - whether it's to a website, a process, or an article. Often, some changes can be quick so this doesn't mean you have to be scared to ask! But please don't expect that if you've prepaid for a block of hours that it means it covers the whole project.

Consider all work-related meetings, calls and emails to be chargeable. I know this can feel like I'm being picky or nickel-and-diming you but those 15 minutes on the phone are 15 minutes I'm not doing project work. I use my discretion and am not going to track a 5 minute call in most cases but please understand my product is my time so please expect to pay for phone calls and for lengthy emails about your project. Again, I'm not tracking every word written but if I've done up a mini how-to guide for you, answered a question that could have been found with one Google query, or we're discussing in detail how certain systems might fit your business - these are generally going to be at a cost. (But if you've ever seen how fast I type, you can rest assured it will be value for money.)



A lot of the work I do is face-to-face or over the phone with my clients. Quite often if you try to ring me, I will be meeting with clients or working directly with them. So, if you have something to discuss it's really best if you book in a time to chat. It's a rare day where I'm available for phone calls at all times throughout the day. You are more than welcome to drop a quick email or text to see if I'm free but please don't expect that I'm always able to take your call.

If you have booked a meeting or a phone call with me, I've planned my day around this booking so please don't be late! Your booking will be charged from the time we've arranged, regardless of whether you are on time or not. This sounds harsh and I know I risk sounding rigid but it will affect my other clients if I am running over time or stuck waiting for you.


Please abide by the payment due dates on my invoices. My standard due date is 2 weeks from date of issuance. If you wish to discuss a different due date, please just ask. I'd rather have that chat than wonder if there's a reason why you haven't paid (I don't want to misinterpret that as a comment on the work we're doing together.)

If you haven't pre-purchased a block of hours, I will generally invoice you every 2-4 weeks depending how much work we have been doing and whether the project is winding up or not. Again, I can customise the invoicing so that if we hit a certain value, I can issue one to you or if you want to keep right up to date, I can invoice on a regular interval regardless of how many or few hours are there.

I don't want to add a late fee but please note that if you are consistently late with payments, this will be something we'll need to discuss.


Still With Me?

Whew, you made it! Gosh, I bet you're thinking "that's a lot of rules!" but it's so much better to get this out in the open now rather than find out we're not a good fit once we've gotten into a project. If you've already had a chat with me, you'll know that there's a light and easygoing side to me too! If you need any clarification, please reach out to ask at any time!