Desire Map Workshops

I've tried to live my life according to my own plan. But sometimes it is hard to know why I want the things I want, and how to describe why I do what I do. Then I found the Desire Map by Danielle Laporte. It helped me identify the feelings I most want to feel and that opened the door for simpler decision making and clearer goal setting.

Once I experienced that, I decided I wanted to share the idea with others so I’m now an official Desire Map Licensee, hosting in-person and virtual workshops. Together, we work through the Desire Map exercises to discover your core desired feelings. From there, you have guiding points to help you set goals and create habits that generate these feelings.



Workshop Info

The Virtual workshops are usually 4-6 video or phone calls where we move through Level 1 content at your pace. The cost is NZ$250 and we can set the calls to suit your schedule. If you have a few people who want to take the course virtually together, the price is NZ$200 each. Contact me to book your workshop or to have an intro chat.

In-person workshops take place in New Plymouth. Sign up below to be notified of the next in-person workshop in New Plymouth, NZ. The in-person workshops cost NZ$125. If you would like to discuss me bringing a workshop to your city, I'm happy to try to make that work with minimum numbers.

In the meantime, if you'd like the purchase The Desire Map book or any other Danielle Laporte swag, check out the Danielle Laporte Shop.


A Short Intro Video


Some Workshop Feedback

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