Reshape the World

I'm not one to continually experience the same problem over and over. If something is a problem, I like to solve it. Or at least find a better way to work with it if I can't change it. The last year has been a challenging time for me working in a non-traditional business. Not only was I constantly being told how great growth is (even when it was not what I wanted!) but I found it to be rather lonely at times too. So, when people put their efforts into a product or service that makes life better for someone who is self-employed, my hat goes off to them!

Which is why I love the current competition that Freshbooks is running - Freshbooks: The Reshape The World Challenge. They are encouraging and supporting those who are reshaping the world to fit self-employed people better! (And they are offering some pretty wicked prizes - hello $10,000!) Even the list of judges is inspiring - I was lucky enough to meet The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson at a conference last year and she is definitely leading the way in making the world work around the self-employed.

I'm stoked to live where there's an incredible co-working space dedicated to building the community of freelancers and self-employed in our city and if it didn't exist, well, I would probably feel pretty lost at times during the work week. (For those of you in New Plymouth, Taranaki - head into Manifold to check it out.)

And, the managing of my business is only possible with all of the innovative tools available these days. So, I want to get behind anything that helps those people who are developing these awesome solutions. The shape of work (and the world) is going to be continually changing and we need people out there who are finding ways to reshape it to be more effective for the increasing number of self-employed people. Thanks heaps Freshbooks and I can't wait to see who wins!

*Some of these links are affiliate links but I still believe in the greatness of the products whether I am an affiliate or not