Get Fresh! (with FreshBooks)

I heard a story last week about a small business who supplied a large company with services. Last month his invoice was exponentially larger than usual so the company called him in for a meeting to understand why. After much back and forth, they determined that it was a typo…

Yes, this small business used Excel to create their invoices. But instead of using the auto-calculate function, they manually entered each line item and manually added it up then manually entered that figure.

Eek! I cringe when I hear things like that. There’s no reason not to be using a proper invoicing and bookkeeping system for your business. Your business can’t afford mistakes like this. Not all invoicing software is expensive - many have many plans to choose from that suit your business.

Not only do you send out accurate invoices but systems like FreshBooks keep you organized with smart and simple time tracking for you and your team. And it’s very easy to create a professional looking invoice.

Being able to track your expenses (with photos of receipts!) means you don’t forget those little things you buy for work that add up. They also have payment options like accepting credit cards so that your clients have no excuse not to pay you on time!

If you haven’t moved your business into the modern way of working, it’s time to think about it. (Especially with the FreshBooks flash sale that’s on!)

So don’t delay - head over to Freshbooks to take advantage of their sale!!

*This post contains affiliate links but I only recommend products I think are great so I don’t promote just any ol’ thing.