When Less Equals More

As I mentioned a few months ago, the pace of my business this year has been full steam ahead! This is both exciting and exhausting. It proves that I am able to keep working for myself but at the same time provides me with some challenges around making enough time for rest.

When I started Assistia, the appeal was that I would get to make all the decisions and that I could create something where I could use my many different skills to help people. All of the jobs I've held have had an aspect of helping people - some have been more direct than others (technically my title was "Life Coordinator" for this awesome woman and other roles were more of a hidden in the background type where the work I did helped people receive government support but I didn't always interact with them directly.)

This has become very relevant because my interest in helping others often leaves me with little time left for me, or my business. And this has been the norm for the last few months. Which is not the type of business I intended to create! I had no interest in working crazy long weeks (never have) but here I was squeezing in very full days of "just one more thing" and then becoming stressed when I didn't get to the things that my business really needed.

The good thing is that it's been a great opportunity for me to work on the next iteration of Assistia. One where I don't feel like there are five million things waiting for me to do. It's started with me accepting fewer clients. I have recognised that I'm pretty much at capacity and I have even contracted out a little bit of work. So, although it's scary to say I'm not accepting any new clients, it's what I need to do right now!

It's also become really apparent how lonely it is being a solo business owner! Even though I work face-to-face with many of my clients and I spend time at a co-working space, you realise that the business ideas and plans are all in your head and you don't get to talk to many people about them. (Well, at the level of detail that you would with traditional co-workers.) Even just to discuss the direction of the business or have others who know exactly where things are at is not something you think about when you start self-employment. I've been on a bit of a mentor hunt to see if that helps.

The theme for now is that less is more and I'm putting all my strategies into practice to achieve that. I'm trying to keep working hours down and free time and headspace up. So, I'm looking forward a more spacious second half of 2017...