Quick Productivity Tips

Most of the posts I write about time management and productivity tend to focus right in on a specific strategy, idea or tool. Today, I wanted to give a short overview of techniques that can help you feel more productive overall. And because I usually get so deep in details that many people start glossing over, I am going to keep it short and sweet. (This is also a test for me!)

These tips should be applicable whether you run a business or are trying to get things sorted at home.

Get an Accountability Partner - This could be as simple as telling someone else what you plan to accomplish. Sometimes just knowing someone else might ask you how it went is enough to fuel you through your goals. This could be more formal too.

Outsourcing and Delegating - Ask for help! Whether it's getting a team together to power through some hands-on tasks or just people putting their heads together to further your ideas. Having others contributing to what you're trying to achieve can make things move quicker. And when you have to hire these people, you may find it helps you become more clear and focused on what you ask of them. (Funny how a financial implication works well sometimes!)

Schedule Everything - The most common reason I hear when things don't get done is that the person didn't have enough time. It's great to keep a running to-do list but if you find it's growing faster than you're checking things off, it's time for a new approach. Rather than adding it to your to-do list, put it on your calendar at a time you're free and try your best to make the time slot as long as you'll need.

That's it. Those three things complement each other - the scheduling works to the details, the partner helps with motivation and the outsourcing/delegating helps the actual getting it done part! One without the others will still help but won't have quite the same impact on you and your projects.

What do you think? Do you find you have a general attitude or approach that helps you be your most productive? Share it with us!