What Did I Learn Last Quarter?

Being a solo-entrepreneur, it's important to make sure you sit down and review where you are at. Without a boss or board to answer to, sometimes it can be easy to just keep working and not take the time to stop and review.

So, one of my mainstays is the quarterly review. I put aside a morning and look back at what I've been up to over the last three months. I check in on the goals I'm working towards and I think about where I want the next three months to head.

Now that I've been running this business for just over a year, I've been noticing lots of momentum - more referrals, more clients, more ideas and projects. All with the same number of hours that I've always been working with.

This review made me pause to think about what pace I'm keeping and if that's the pace I want to be keeping! (Spoiler - it's not!)

However, I did see improvement in overall billable time (the currency of a freelancer):

time tracking organised business

Comparing that with the previous 2 quarters:

organised business

So I'm getting there with the balance of hours - but I am definitely considering all of the time I put into events and whether that ultimately serves my core business. Sure they are fun, I get to put my skills into action and I get to meet lots of cool people but the energy toll I'm noticing might not be worth it. So the topic self-care rears up now (though it should always be present) and maybe I have to set a time code for it so that I actually know I'm making enough time for it!! There's the nerd in me.

I think my biggest takeaway from this past quarter is that I have more confidence to trust that this business will work (a good solid year of effort has turned into results). Now it's just tweaking the balances to ensure that I can keep up with it and not get burnt out! I didn't go into business to exhaust myself. Now I will need to practice setting more boundaries and make sure that I'm focused on my own well-being and not just building the business. I'll let you know how I've gotten on in a few months.

What kinds of habits do you create as a small business owner to keep yourself on track? Share with me below!