Don't Get Stuck, Always Keep Moving

Everyone who owns a business has those moments - everything is ticking along well, there is momentum afoot and then BAM - you hit a bump of self-doubt.

Sometimes these are few and far between and other times they creep dangerously close to each other. I will admit, it's been a good long stretch since my last one and that in itself should provide me some encouragement.

But it doesn't help when you're in the middle of it.

I always thought a vague feeling of doubt that you couldn't pinpoint was more challenging that something specific but this time I know what prompted the feeling and it turns out it's not any easier.

Recognising It

Try as I might to consider it a small bump on the road, I haven't been able to write this one off yet. So, I've had to try to recognise exactly what the feeling is. Sometimes putting a name on it identifies the more common resolutions.

Clearing It

I have always been the optimist and have people tell me all the time that I'm such a positive person. So even with that as my default, I do have trouble clearing the bouts of doubt that accompany any endeavour where we are creating our own definitions and paths.

I've youtube'd a few short "positive energy" meditations, I've talked about it with a few people and I've taken some reflection time to write about it - different things work for me at different times.

Moving Forward

Really, all the running around in my head doesn't move anything forward so doing something, anything that feels like progress is useful. I'm focusing on the work at hand and moving through to rebuild that momentum. 

All the while keeping in mind that any discomfort generally indicates growth so I'm managing a bit of optimism on what will come out on the other side of this. And, as if I knew this was coming, I put this note in Google Keep a few weeks ago from a book I was reading:

So, I will keep my mind on the fact that out of challenges come innovations and breakthroughs. And I will just keep moving.

I thought I'd share because I know that people tend not to let anything crack the external veneer they have created but I am as human as they come, and I hope that if you're struggling through a bit of business doubt yourself, know that it's not just you. It happens to everyone!