Why Your Website Needs a Blog

Why do people come to your website?

Really think about that. Whether you're offering a service or a product, or even if you just keep a site for a hobby - think about why people come to your site. Your analytics will give you a clue for the literal answer - but the other reason is to learn something, solve a problem or answer a question. If you can provide visitors with something even better - more help, more information, more connection - you will see growth. If you read the title of this post, you know what I'm going to suggest - one way to do this is to have a blog on your website.

Blogs Attract More Traffic

From Marketing and SEO genius,  Neil Patel .

From Marketing and SEO genius, Neil Patel.

As you can clearly see, the more posts a site has, the more traffic it gets. (And yes, I have taken note that the traffic peaks after about 15 posts per month...) 

The traffic happens because if the only bit text on your website is from the About page, and the Services page, well you can only ever show up for so many keywords. And because the sum of words on those pages won't likely be a whole lot, you decrease your chances for organic search traffic just based on number of words alone.

Google indexes the content on your website on an ongoing basis, to make it searchable. If you don't have a blog or any part of your site that's regularly updated, your chances of being shown in organic search results decreases. If you're consistently writing blog posts about your industry, your product or your area of expertise - every month that's another few thousand words that Google can index. Plus you're providing new and current content which is another good thing for search ranking. When you're talking about specific topics that your ideal client may be interested in, you're increasing the chance that they could stumble upon you in their regular Google searching.

Share Your Knowledge

Yes, there are dozens of other factors used in search result ranking but providing Google users with quality, current information is always going to be looked upon favourably by Google. That's what they are trying to do - provide users with the best result for their search terms.

If you're not interested in learning about SEO (search engine optimisation) and want to do something that will help your search ranking, start with blogging. You have a wealth of knowledge to share and not only will it do positive things for your overall online presence, it also gives customers another point to connect with you. And you can share your personality with them too! Another positive is that it's great to have blog posts to share on your social media accounts.

Now, some of the keys to success with blogging include posting consistently, writing content that helps your customers and using the right keywords too. There are lots of great resources that can delve into the details of getting a blog started and your editorial calendar and such.

But understanding why a blog can help your website traffic is the first step, because if you don't know why you're doing something, you're less likely to slog through it. (I say slog because many of my clients cite a dislike of writing as the reason why they don't blog! Also, it conveniently rhymes with blog!) If you don't like writing but want to see the benefits of blogging for your business, contact me and I can help because I love writing.