The Tardy Quarterly Review

Remember how I didn't get everything done during all that travel downtime? Well, one of those tasks was to wrap up my Oct-Dec quarter and review my time entries to garner all the wisdom about how I work and how efficient I am. Usually I plan this for the first Monday of the new quarter but we all know that today is not that day.

Really, it's not that time sensitive as I'm only reporting to myself. But I still did it and I'm glad that I did because things looked pretty good compared to my last one!

The main reason I do these reviews it to provide some sense of accountability and tracking. Being the analytical type, I like data and measurements but I don't want the sole measure I look at to be my bank account. Since I'm a service provider, my time is my product so it felt fitting that measuring where that went would be useful.

One big win was the shift in the type of work I was doing - as in billable work. Sure, in the beginning I felt it was a good strategy to do some free work and then move into the service trades. As you can see, I have definitely eased off of the freebies and have decreased the trades as well. The remarkable thing is that Assistia has received the same amount of attention as it did the previous quarter - kind of crazy how close those numbers are!

Most recent on the left and previous on the right.

Most recent on the left and previous on the right.

I wonder if I should be worrying about how a third of my time is spent on the business... maybe that's a question for the next review since I am still getting into a rhythm being a young business. At least I'm not just lumping all the "Assistia" time together. I can check into what exactly that third of working hours was for:

Oct-Dec on the left and July-Sept on the right.

Oct-Dec on the left and July-Sept on the right.

There's been a change in the top five tasks that take up my time which makes sense since I moved into a larger client base which of course means more email. (Should it?) And I did decrease the networking efforts that I had been making since I was seeing results so the need dropped off for now. The training coming up in the ranks makes sense as I was taking a Physical Leadership course run by Ally McCullagh so that was happening regularly throughout the whole quarter - and that sure was worth it!!

I am still glad to see that even with an increase in clients, my invoicing hasn't jumped substantially. Thanks Harvest for keeping all that in check so easily! I think the drop in social media time was simply a factor of more tasks on my plate so less time to carve out for it. But with Buffer, I'm able to do my post scheduling whenever I read something good so that helps keep the activity up!

Overall, I was pleased with the results of my quarter. This quarter it's about maximizing billable hours so I wonder if we'll see that 30% to Assistia move at all?

To be continued...