Adapt and Move On

I'm back from a break over the holiday season. I went from summer to winter and back again. Of course that means some long flights! Being the productively-focused person that I am, I had big plans for all of the work I could get done in the hours in airports and on planes. But unlike me, I didn't get to any of it. None!

In the past this would have put me into a bit of a frenzy. And I would have spent any amount of time during my trip just to get what I wanted to do done. But not this time.

I don't know what exactly changed but I took a much more relaxed approach than I used to. And this is a good thing so don't worry about me.

The big blocker was that our planes did not come equipped with power outlets - despite my research that indicated otherwise (the whole reason I had such plans in the first place). So that meant I might get an hour and a bit of work done and I did keep this in the back of my mind but it really didn't seem worth it.

Once I realized that my work time had been all but extinguished (really, I couldn't handle the thought of writing some of the tasks on paper only to transcribe them digitally later...) I was a bit annoyed but rather than dwell on that, I just decided to adapt and move on. (A favourite expression of my woodworking teacher in high school.) And even though the movies and TV shows on offer weren't all that inspiring, I took much enjoyment in just doing much of nothing. I have to admit, it's not something I do very often so I'm not all that accustomed to it but what better place than on a plane where the options are limited.

From time to time, I picked up a personal development book that I brought and surprised myself by actually writing down the exercises in it! (Usually, I dog-ear the page with the best intentions of returning...) Lucky the flight was long enough to get all the way through it too.

And here I am, day two back "at work" and you know what? I'm not panicked, trying to catch up and squeeze everything in. I took a step back and rearranged the priority of the plane work I had planned and spread it out over the next week or two. Since many clients are still on break, I have a little bit of space in my schedule for the "working on the business" stuff.

I like this less-stressed way of working and I sure hope it's going to be the tone for 2017.

So, when did you last make lemonade from those lemons you got? And how did it turn out?