Living a Whole Life

I've been living in New Plymouth for over four years now. It's an incredible city with its beauty and community. However, sometimes you just itch for a bit more to be going on. Something else besides having a pint at the pub as a Friday night activity (not that I'm against pints or pubs - I help my husband brew beer in fact, but I digress).

I do sometimes miss the plethora of events I used to find in the Vancouver area. And yes there are lots of cool things happening here in New Plymouth, so I wanted to add to that.

After connecting more regularly with women in the city who are running businesses and creating the lives they want through their work, I wondered if it might be interesting for them to come together and share some knowledge and kai with others. So we're going to find out!

Friday 30 September 2016 at 7-9pm
Alchemy Yoga & Wellbeing, Level 1, 32 Egmont Street

We're going to be sharing our services and products to a small group of like-minded individuals. We'll have some tea and nibbles, and mix & mingle and enjoy each other's company. We'll a couple guided meditations, start talking about our core desired feelings, and find out about how our physical presence communicates without us saying a word. We'll also have the chance to check out Neat Perfumes and Arbonne skincare and cosmetics!

All solo-entrepreneurs, we hope to encourage others to choose the lives they want and hope to share some small ways to start on that path (or keep on it!)

So, head over to the event page for more information and to buy tickets!