It's All in the Bag

One of the core ideas behind staying organised is "a place for everything and everything in its place" but what about when something is out of place? Like it needs repair or you have to drop it off to a friend to borrow?

Create an Errand Bag

You need a "holding tank" for items that aren't in their usual cycles or uses, so designate one of the bags you have as your Errand Bag. This is one tip (of many!) I picked up while working with organising extraordinaire Krista Clive-Smith. The idea is that anything you have to take somewhere else before it can go back to its place goes into this bag and the bag goes with you during your errand block (you know, the time you set aside to run all of your errands - we'll have to revisit time blocking in more detail soon!).

The shoes that need to be re-heeled. The book you want to lend to a friend. The Soda Stream cylinder that needs a refill. The shirt that you need to return to the store. The gift package you have to mail to a friend overseas. The scratch ticket you need to redeem! All of these things can often be found cluttering up tabletops, counters and desks in your house but now you can put them into your errand bag and you're one step closer to getting them sorted.

Double the Effect

You may find that you keep one errand bag in your car and one in your house - rotating them as needed. Depending which part of town you're heading to and what you're up to, there might be some things that can be done in moments between appointments but others may require a special trip. The idea is that the items in the bag are moving through it fairly quickly. We don't want to create a clutter magnet!

The beauty of using two is that you can plan the set of errands you'll be doing next and take what you need to do them. And inside your house, you still have a tidy place to store the things that are awaiting their trip.

The bag just needs to be large enough to hold the types of things you're lugging back and forth. It should be relatively sturdy but even a reusable shopping bag can do the trick!

So, give it a try. It helps clear the clutter and anything that can do that helps you feel better!