3 Ways to Start Getting Organised

I know that it's common to feel overwhelmed when it comes to being organised. Even I can feel overwhelmed in certain areas at times! So when it just feels like too much and you don't even know where to start, here are three ways you can begin:

  1. Anywhere. Seriously, if you feel like things are a giant mess, just start with anything. Put a time limit on it and begin chipping away. You may not get it all sorted at once but your momentum will get you further than procrastinating more!
  2. Focus on the area that's the most pain for you. If that's your email, start there. If it's getting out of the house on time, start there. The efforts you put into one area will have a ripple affect and can often help you in other areas too.
  3. Start with what you think is easiest. Sometimes you need some quick progress to feel like you can tackle the big stuff. This totally makes sense as it builds your confidence and ticks something off your list.

But how do I start if I don't know how to fix it? Well if it's a physical space, start by gathering together everything you are trying to organise - photos, or toys or books - and sorting them into categories. Then determine how you want to store each category and put it away.

This approach can work for intangibles too. With emails, it's likely that all of the things you want to organise are already in your inbox. So, from there, use labels or tags or folders to categorise in a way that fits with your workflow (you might try by client name, urgency level, staff member involved, process stage) and then work away at putting each one where it belongs.

Of course, the internet has millions of resources that can allow you to drill down into the area you're trying to organise too. Or you can save yourself a lot of searching and just call me. I can sit down with you for a free hour-long consultation so we can discuss what's not working and some possibly ways to fix it.

Ultimately, "getting organised" is a process we continually go through. Once the system is in place, there are still active steps that keep the organisation in check - but it's much easier when you have a strategy as "getting organised" starts to become "feeling organised" and how you keep it flowing just becomes habit.