Why I Leave Some Things to the Experts

As I write this, my house is being cleaned by somebody else.

There is a first time for everything and I’ve finally decided to start with outsourcing my housecleaning. It’s not because I’m above cleaning or because we’re super messy but I realized after the umpteenth work-from-home day that was interrupted with cleaning that I had to do something differently.

In this town, I found that it was primarily commercial cleaning companies that had websites. (This meant a cleaner was going to be harder to find than I thought!) And I can’t say my circle of friends hire people to do their cleaning so personal recommendations were going to be tough to come by. I tried asking around on neighbourly.co.nz but the only person anyone suggested felt a little out of my price range… so the supermarket bulletin board turned out to be the place to look!

I contacted 3 people, got 2 replies and 1 didn’t turn up to quote as promised. So after meeting the one who came by to quote, I decided that even if I’m writing blogs (i.e. not immediately income generating) at least I’ve found time for that! Not to mention the fact that I’ll get to miss out on the cleaning part! (I’m sure I’ll still do the deep-clean stuff as I do have to admit it can be moderately satisfying to start with a mess and clean it up - I am an organiser at heart.)

Delegate To Free Up Your Time

Learning that there are tasks other people can do for you is a huge step. Whether it’s so you can focus on your business, your hobbies or your family - let the experts in! Even though I’m a perfectionist myself, I’m much softer on those who aren’t me and - I won’t tell her this - even if the job is not my standard, it still saved me time.

Yes, we are all multi-talented individuals, but we may not have all of the time to practice all of these talents. Not to mention the fact that the experts are much quicker at what they do best!

What areas of your life or business are you outsourcing? How has it gone?

I’m creating a series of my favourite productivity tips to share with you! I’m trying to keep them useful and concise so that they are easy to apply in your day-to-day life. Let me know if there are topics you'd like me to cover!