How Do You Manage Your "To-Do's"?

Keeping track of what you want to do (and sometimes what you have to do) is a pretty big part of feeling organised. Relying on your memory just plain doesn't work - no matter how good it is!

Paper or Digital?

I firmly believe that you need to work in a manner that works for you. I don't frown upon a paper to-do list if that keeps you moving and keeps you on top of things. Certainly there are benefits to using a digital version but keeping track at all is better than getting frustrated with the tool and stopping all together.

Some days when my head is just so full, I will write down a quick paper list or use my whiteboard to focus on the things to happen that day. So there is still a place for paper when you need it!

A Full System or Just a List?

The options can be endless when looking at all the list-keeping tools available. Many of them are simply a list - it may or may not allow you to set reminders or archive your list items. Again, if this is what suits you then stick with it.

However, even for personal tasks, there are lots of great tools that offer more ways to manage the tasks you need to do.

My Favourite System for Tasks and Projects

For me, it's always been Asana. I've used Trello and Basecamp with clients but for my own work, I like the checklist-action and layout of Asana. You can create projects - simple or complex. You can set due dates and recurring tasks too! Tasks can belong to multiple projects and if you're lucky, a rainbow and unicorn bounce across your screen when you complete them!

I've used Asana to manage renovations around the house, client projects, reference materials, and my own business tasks. The functionality is flexible enough to fit all of these different needs and because everything is archived and searchable, I can go back and double check when I finished a task or refer to the notes I made. Of course you can upload images and files too so it really can become the single place for your operations.

There is an app so that you can get reminders on your phone too!

The Little Lists

I also use Google Keep for some lists I keep. These are more personal type lists like groceries we need. Music I want to check out. Ukulele and Zumba songs I want to learn. And little errands that need to be done - I can set a reminder to pop up based on location with Google Keep!

So, as much as I favour an everything-in-one-place approach, this also allows me to keep work separate from everyday life which is important when you're self-employed!

So, how do you do your to-do's?