What Can We Learn From My Dog?

Friends of mine know that anytime they come round to my house, my dog will subject them to a never-ending game of fetch. He LOVES his ball.

When we go for a walk, if we don't bring the ball he takes ten minutes or more to accept that fact and stop looking for it and watching us, waiting for it.

When we do bring the ball, he doesn't let it out of his sight. As far as we can throw it, he always sprints after it. He gives everything he has to get to the ball as soon as he can. You can hear his feet pattering the ground on his way - and he's only 7kg!

It got me to thinking, what do I love to do so much that I am figuratively sprinting towards it that hard? That I can't stop thinking of. That makes me smile so, so big.

I think it would have to be dancing and singing. Just getting lost in a song and letting it course through my veins. The right song is definitely a great escape and at that moment, I can't get enough.

It reminded me of a book I was reading about how dogs' brains work and this scientist who managed to do the first brain scan on a dog. There was a comment that stood out to me: that a dog is the personification of mindfulness. No matter what a dog is doing, they are in the moment. If they are sleepy, they sleep. If they are playing, they play. They don't think ahead to tomorrow, they don't worry about the past. They learn from their mistakes, trust their instincts, and keep going.

Sometimes when things are too hectic, I remind myself of this. Then I look to my dog - who has inevitably found one of the dozen balls that are all around the house - and it reminds me of what's important: those things that really amp you up, and not letting your mind worry you away about the future or the past.