Can You Really Figure Everything Out?

I've always considered myself to be a resourceful person. And I absolutely love the definition of this word: "having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties."

Being resourceful for me has many soul-fueling aspects - it allows me to be creative (when I have to really work out a different solution), it keeps me learning (when I have to do something I haven't done before), and it gives me reason to trust in myself.

Each time I'm faced with something big, I can always look back on situations where my resourcefulness has been a factor and I can have faith that things will work out once again. (Part of that is my positive attitude coming into play I'm sure.)

So, when I finally sat down and watched this talk by Marie Forleo, "Everything is Figureoutable", it was a timely reminder that being resourceful is not just a thing you do from time to time, it's really a way of life, a belief you hold, that everything is figureoutable.

I don't know exactly where this quality developed for me - I've always been a problem solver, a tidy-upper, a peace-keeper so perhaps it's just wanting to resolve things that's just part of me. It does mean that sometimes I don't want to accept "no" for an answer because I believe there's always a way. I guess though, the belief doesn't get me into many situations where someone else does have the power to say no.

If you don't really know what this feeling is, watch Marie's talk and be inspired.