Who am I?


My name is Katherine Blaney. I am your business' secret weapon. I am a multi-passionate consultant who supports small business owners so they can operate more efficiently, and have a strong online presence.

I was born organised and enjoy helping people create systems for their businesses (and their lives!) to make things flow seamlessly. I'm here to share my knowledge of all things digital to get you on track and free you up to work in your business - where you want to be.


Who are you?

You're a business owner who knows where you are taking your business. You're focused, friendly and motivated. You're not looking to hand off your business operations to someone but you would like some support.

You love to learn, especially when you can apply it to your business. You are generally organised but probably don't have time to refine your systems because you're so busy with the work of your business. You don't leave things to the last minute but struggle to fit in everything that needs to be done.

You don't buy into the myth of the solo entrepreneur as you understand the value of building a team of skilled collaborators. You play to your strengths and let your team play to theirs.

You use technology to help you work efficiently. You have big plans for your business and are looking for someone who can help you work smarter. You know your systems, and organisational skills could use a little help and that's where I come in.



    To help businesses operate with ease.

    I get to know my clients' businesses so that I can help them develop smarter processes using my extensive knowledge of online tools. I work with clients to create smart time management strategies so their weeks flow smoother.


    My Values

    Being in flow. Your days shouldn't feel like one obstacle after another. Where something isn't working this should be analysed and adapted. I don't believe in "putting up with pain points" in your life, I believe in changing them.

    Being creative and resourceful. Even if your business isn't usually thought of as creative, this speaks to thinking differently. It speaks to using all of your skills (even ones you don't give yourself credit for!) and to creative solutions. 

    Delighting others. This is what fulfills me - no matter how small or big the delight. Giving people a reason to smile, more time for themselves or more flow in their lives makes it all worth it.


    Do you share these values? Yes? Then we'll make a great team so get in touch.